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The Very Best of Chesney Hawkes Compilation


The very best of
Chesney Hawkes

Released: 2005
Label: EMI Gold
Producer: EMI Gold

  1. The One and Only
  2. Nothing Serious
  3. Feel So Alive
  4. I’m a Man Not A Boy
  5. It’s Gonna Be Tough
  6. Torn in Half
  7. I’m Young
  8. Secrets of the Heart
  9. This is Me
  10. Ordinary Girl
  1. A Crazy World Like This
  2. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
  3. What’s Wrong With This Picture?
  4. Help Me To Help Myself
  5. Sometimes
  6. Black or White People
  7. Missing You Already
  8. One Of Those Days
  9. Fairweather Christian
  10. The Family Way